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Thanks to drop shipping, it’s now possible to earn passive income from one’s online shop. Merchandise on your online store can be delivered directly from the manufacturer so you earn money without having to hold inventory. Use Shopify for a quick and easy way to create an online store with beautiful, responsive themes for your drop shipping business. Choose from the many Shopify drop shipping apps like Oberlo to help you curate and add products automatically to your store. Try Shopify for free.

License music. If you can compose your own music, then you can license it and sell it. The first step is copyrighting the music. This is called a song copyright, which protects the composition. If the music has been recorded, then you also need a master copyright, which protects the recording. Register your copyrights with the Library of Congress, which costs $35. Once you have copyrights to protect you from unauthorized use of your music, you can pursue different avenues for generating money from your music.[14]

The term affiliate marketing has taken a bad rap over the years, primarily because people are abusing just how easy this is to do. Internet marketers are finding products they don’t even use because they come with a sweet commission, and are spamming everyone until they either buy, or unsubscribe. This is also known as the dark side of affiliate marketing.
If there’s one multi-level marketing trend that is guaranteed to blow up in 2019, it’s CBD oil. My Daily Choice founder Josh Zwagil, who went into business in 2015, knows it. This MLM has two product lines: My Daily Choice network marketing, which offers sprays to promote general well-being, and Hempworx, CDB-infused oils for humans and CBD treats for dogs. There’s a whopping 30% to 50% commission offered for network marketer Affiliates who start repping these goods, and lots of opportunities to get bonuses as you sell more product. 
The one thing about creating residual income is that it leads to other residual income opportunities. You see, success breeds success. And the more success you have, the more you want to experience it again. That is the true self starter attitude and it is the attitude you will need to be successful at creating the residual income opportunities we have listed below.
I just wanted to say how nice it is to see such a positive exchange between strangers on the Internet. Seriously, not only was this article (list) motivating and well-drafted, the tiny little community of readers truly were a pleasant crescendo I found to be the cause of an inward smile. Thank you, everyone, and good luck to you all with your passive income efforts!! 🙂